Man is no more guilty than Woman is innocent

If you want to change the world, love a man, really love him

The broken one in search of his wings
Who tells you the story of how to make fire
If you want to change the world, love a man
Beyond your fear of being burned

Beyond unforgiveness and the walls you’ve built
To protect your sovereignity and anonymity

Love him beyond old wounds and lies
You believed to be truth
The scar on your sacred flower left by thieves

Beyond past lives and the memory
You keep like a shrine to betrayal
When you fell to your knees in the ashes of your village
And love became a field of bones

Lift your darkened face to him who stands before you
Take his hand and let him raise you to your feet

Trust him to hold you as you tremble and weep in his arms for all that has been lost and found in this holy instant

You are no less God than you ever were
Man is no more guilty than Woman is innocent

Love him for bearing the burden of desire in his sex
So your temple could remain whole unto itself
For taking on the split aspect of mind
That seemed to abandon the oneness of heaven
So that you might know the joy of Its extension

Love the ecstatic, primal root
Castrated by religion as the root of all evil
The channel of divine creative impulse
That sparks the seeds of life, death and birth
From the womb of space and time

Love the humble guardian and warrior
Man has been to Woman
Even as he hunts for her
Even in his drive towards self gratification
Which ultimately is the portal to soul union

Love the violator who holds the mirror
Of everything you have disowned within yourself
So that all your desire, your creative impulse
May be freed
From the chains of separation, lack and guilt
And you can finally trust your Self

If you want to change the world, love a man
In all his instinctual animal nature
In all his hunger and devotion to beauty

Love him beyond your vanity and pridefulness
Your guilded possessiveness and need to special
Beyond your well thought out conditions for safety
And all your concepts of how a man
Should be in relationship

Love him at your anger at not getting your way
Beyond your terror of not knowing or being in control

Love him in his relentless pursuit
To penetrate the deepest sanctuaries within you
That hold the chaos of your strongest emotions
Your carefully guarded secrets of separation
Between light and dark, virgin and whore
Man and woman, spirit and form

Love him for opening the door to sensuality
To your primordial self that is beyond duality
For binding you to pleasure
Even as the air closes in around you
Even as you writhe with madness,
Cursing your incarnation as the enemy
Even as you contract and claw
Crying out in despair, such joy it brings

Love him for not yielding
To your resistance to surrender
For standing in his masculine power
Even as you threaten to destroy him

If you want to change the world, love your man
For leaving you to live his purpose,
Whether it’s for a day, a week, months or years

Love him for breaking his own heart over and over
For holding the tension and the balance
Of polarity and intimicy
Of distance and closeness

Love his need for silence and solace
For keeping some of his mystery to himself
Not that he has anything to hide
But so you will always have surprises

Love his evolutionary nature
That seeks new experiences
That can never be satisfied
For his boundless curiosity
That if allowed to be free
Might be your own liberation
From complacency

Love him for shining independantly
From the seat of his own majesty
For not needing, yet choosing you
From a place of knowing his magnificence

Love him for being your patient direction and destiny
For returning to you
Your own brightness through the dark night
For helping you to remember
The one and only relationship you’ve ever had
And tried to forget
For bringing you to that vulnerable, powerless
Abiding place of surrender
You’ve been afraid of and waiting for all your life
Where you can finally be consumed by Love
Where you can finally be claimed by God.

Inspired by: anonymous