Trust-based healthcare

Modern day healthcare is organized around distrust, while it can be healed with trust. In visions and strategies good words are used fluently, putting a veil on the actions that prove otherwise. Patient advocates, complaints committees, quality management and management at all are symptoms of a culture of mistrust, not a part of the solution. Distrust is secondary to fear and the ultimate policy rich and controlled hospital is a very safe place, but a lifeless and stagnating organization, leading to the burnout of doctors and killing innovation. Patients need to be listened too, but to be good listeners doctors have to feel listenend to themselves. Their need is to be trusted, to be trusted that they know what they are doing and that they love what they are doing. Please, give doctors the freedom to do what they love and what they are good at! Nothing builds trust, builds relationships and is a gesture of love as deep active listening is. How can you listen when you are not there?, so stop keeping doctors away from their patients. And doctors, patients won’t hear a word of what you are saying when they don’t feel listened to first. I am devoted to transforming healthcare, which I love, into trust-based. Will you join me?