MMeditation November 29, 2016

When things go wrong outside, go inside. Don’t fight the outside, don’t flee the outside, don’t freeze. Go inside.


At U-center we had a group of angry clients, blaming U-center. We used Tara Brach’s dharma-talk on anger to work with them. U-turning from blaming you to caring for self. Anger is the body’s intelligence. But when we are hijacked by our limbic system, that is not very helpful. We have to look at our vulnerable emotions underneath: is it shame?, is it hurt?, is it fear? What is it that your wounded self needs? What does your wounded self care about? Then we can turn anger into action. The action to care for our selves, while building a more just and love-based society.


When fears visits us, it is a part of ourselves that says: you are about to grow! Without a crisis, there can be no change. What is needed of in a crisis is the courage to step into the unknown, instead of regressing to the old. Stop being a manager of the universe.


Working with emotions, I notice the lack of presence of the feminine. There are a lot of negative cognitions about what the feminine is. But the feminine has her own wisdom, and when the masculine and the feminine are not balanced both suffer.


Nothing we do is without personal gain. The suppression of the feminine goes way back, and lead to a mind-dominant world. The absence of balance is omnipresent. Politics, media are about polarities. Instead of a dialogue, people more firmly defend their point of view. How wrong both polarities are for thinking they are right. The religion of the new world will be open-mindedness. Where are the connectors, the ones who listen, the ones who agree with all truths, the ones who can connect the polarities? Will you be a connector? Deep listening requires emptying the self so that all can be heard the way that it is shared. Deep listening requires us to actively move towards where the other is. Deep listening requires that not only we keep our mind open, but also our, wounded, heart open, when it feels safe to cover it up. It is not facts that unify. And all conflict is energy lost, when we need unity in diversity.

MMeditation November 28, 2016

The wise start writing their own books, to find out there is nothing left to say.


The time has come to stop talking, and start feeling. It is not about what you share, but about why you are sharing it. Is it based on fear, or is it based on love?


In the American election Clinton was aware of the fear in society, using her mind to navigate it. Trump is aware of the fear in society, and promises a regression towards building walls, and attacking the other. But it is more bridges that we need, and the election missed a face representing the new world of compassion and connection.


Feeling fear is normal and healthy. We need to learn how to use it for the higher good of all involved. Unconscious dumping of fear into the collective will not make the world a better place. Instead we sit, we become aware of us feeling fear, we become aware of what negative thought is causing us fear, we become aware of what love would do.


Feeling anger is normal and healthy. But we need to learn how to use it for the higher good of all involved. Masculine’s nature externalises the anger, attacking, including self. Feminine’s nature internalises the anger, becoming depressed. Denying anger, and suppression of anger are both immature ways of coping, eventually leading to acting out behaviour or a diminished capacity for feeling alive. So we sit, we become aware of us feeling angry, we become aware of what negative thought is causing us anger, we become aware of what love would do.


We are free to choose to act up our emotions, or to act upon love. In the meantime we create stillness. When we sit, it is our responsibility to return to a state of feeling love again.


Everything is energy, and if we want to understand life, we have to focus on what we feel, more than what we think. Harmony is imminent when we have found a flowing balance between what costs energy, what gives energy, and rest. For increased awareness of our energy costing blind spots, we have to listen closely to what the world is mirroring us.


In a cave in the Himalaya, it is easy to live from the heart, but is is not until we return to our relationships, that we become aware of our ego blocks, brought up to be resolved.


It is separation from Source which is the cause of every wound. We create situations that will trigger those wounds so that we can reconnect. Not until we find Source inside, will we find Source outside.

MMeditation November 25, 2016

Ego is empty. Ego not filled with love, is filled with fear. When our hearts are connected our ego’s are filled with love. It is the presence of love that casts a light on the shadows blocking its flow.


Our stories differ. Inside we all experience the same. The older we become, the more we lose. We lose our youth, our parents, our job, our health. That is the law of impermanence. Everybody you meet is suffering from a broken heart.


We will lose love outside, until we find it inside.


Every moment, we either open our heart, or we waste that moment.


We cannot ask for what the other is not ready to give. Are we ready to fill the black hole between us with our love?


Boundaries are necessary to live in harmony. Crossing boundaries is a violent act. But setting boundaries can be a violent act too. Boundaries can be set in an emotional mature, or an immature way. Love is to be present at the boundary, with open arms.


We can fill ourselves with so much love, that their is no room for the absence of it in our relationships. We can overflow with love, dissolving the absence of love outside.


Are you living your life avoiding fear or are you living your life loving? The absence of stress is not the same as the presence of love.


Love is not our’s, love is love’s.


But today, when we don’t encounter an obstacle to love’s flow, we are not on our path.

MMeditation November 24, 2016

It is the end of the mind-based era. Our brains understand what is said, but our bodies feel that it isn’t Truth. This discongruence breeds fear, and fear creates paranoid thoughts. We feel threatened, become angry, and fight back.


We think that our fight will lead to change, but we end up with a bigger fight.


Our work is where our fear is.


What do we fear, inside? Is it Truth that we carry inside?


So we sit, and we become aware of our fear, and we befriend our fear, and we learn where we carry no love inside. The outside can only hurt us in the places where we carry no love inside. And so we continue sitting, and we grow love in those places. And we do that again tomorrow. And one day we will find a seed in those places, and one day the seed will be a flower, and one day the flower will bloom.


And when we go back outside, we become aware of the places where the other doesn’t carry love inside. And so we sit with him, and we befriend him. And one day we will have planted a seed in his dark places, and one day we will see him bloom.


MMeditation November 23, 2016

We suffer. Yet we feel lighter. We are no longer in crisis. We are no longer panicking. We are able to breath again. We learn the difference between tragic and drama. It is an opportunity to grow our weaker connection, our connection with ourselves or our connection with the other. We are challenged to not increase the hurt.

When we grow stronger, we will experience our happiness is our togetherness.

And who is hurting us? Who could hurt us? It is our protection, our ignorance, our unconscious fears, projected on the outside. Our internal critic keeps saying we are not good enough, that we are nog deserving of love. But deserving love is our birthright.

The deeper wisdom is: you = me.

And love is not measured in length, but in depth. And love is not measured in time, but in transformation.

It is our suffering inside that is our common humanity. You are afraid, and so am I. Your heart is broken, and so is mine.

Things are not getting worse. Things become conscious. And when our inner selves fall apart, we have to hold on to each other extra tight.

It is our crack, where the love can enter.

This, the end, is only the beginning.