MMeditation December 6, 2016

I am tired. Fatigue is prevalent in modern society, where we find it difficult to live balanced lives: it is easier to feed our body too much unhealthy food, to live out of sync with nature’s rhythm’s, to have too much stress.


My sister recently gave birth to a baby boy. And, after having 3 children myself, again I was amazed at how perfectly happy he is able to be, unaware of what is going on outside his little life. Every eye contact, every new experience, makes him glow. I forgot about fatigue because of an absence of joy.


Joy is our nature. Unfortunately, growing up we gain all these thoughts, and concepts, and schema’s about what is, getting us out of sync with what actually is.


So I started tot hink about what gave me joy, as a child, and later in life. And that were actually the moments that I could either indulge myself in a nex experience, or the moments when my body, mind, and heart were aligned with those of another. The moments when one plus one equals one. The moments I was closest to Source, I entered the flow.


When we cannot regain joy after loss, it is our unconscious and automatic negative thoughts about the loss that keep us imprisoned. The body naturally will recuperate, unless the thoughts keep feeding it negativity.


As a psychiatrist it is rewarding work when we can make the unconscious negative thoughts conscious, and together examine their truth with an open mind, a child’s beginner’s mind. It is ego’s arrogance to think that one has no unconscious negative thoughts or that this work can be done alone.


Happiness is not a perfect life. Happiness is being together in our imperfect lives.


You have free will. Do you choose a fixed mindset, sabotaging your joy, or a growth mindet, coming closer and closer to home again.

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sippy van akker
6 december 2016 Reply

Happiness is being together in our imperfect lives. Well spoken...

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