MMeditation 1 september 2017

In a relationship needs can be opposite. In modern relationships men and women are equals in making money and raising kids, but have lost touch with their nature of opposite polarities. The future asks to transform our relationships in being equal, but of opposite natures.

Loneliness is the path of one at the cost of another. To bring our paths together we have to feel into our common humanity. Every path is different, but at the core of every human being is suffering. Exclusion is an incapacity to connect with our common pain. Human, but wounding behaviour. Every heart wants to play together. The challenge is to build bridges.

Only in a bridged relationship, only in an inclusive society, woman will find her way back to her divine nature. Her relaxation will open her body in a full expression of who she is, coming alive and radiating. She will invite trust and desire instead of a pushing away. This will go hand in hand with the creating of succes in the outer world, flowing back to surrender with her sacred other. The one for whom she is irresistable, while unattainable for every other. Beyond fear and hurt the whole body is offered in devotion. She will soothe, comfort and anoint all of the masculine’s wounds, physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual, loving him back into wholeness.

Womans nature is open and receiving and mans nature moves his way through the fire into her void.

We can see the same development in society, from a traditional, to an equal, to an equal of opposite natures, a society where men and women live in harmony with their energies as one. A society diverse and inclusive. Where leadership is balanced. Where healthcare is gendersensitive. Only this higher consciousness kind of society can tackle the modern world problems from a lower vibration. Genderneutrality is the wrong answer. The becoming of one of the masculine and feminine energies the solution.

I am building my bridge halfway. Wil you meet me there?